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We believe in fresh starts, second chances and new beginnings. What do YOU want to leave behind in 2017? An old relationship, a bad habit… Can you think of something that you are ready to put to rest and move on from? At our annual “New Beginnings” event, before we speed date, we will all (privately) write down something that we are ready to say goodbye to from the past and also something we want to attract in our future. Sayonara 2017, Hello 2018!


Why attend?

Because your phone needs the night off. A Dashing Date Event is an experience, you’re going to an event. You’re going to meet other people, in real life, over cocktails. It brings the human element back to the dating scene, something that is in dire need of a comeback.

What will the event be like?

Our events take place at fresh and trendy venues that are centrally located within each city. They are lead by an awesome Dashing Date host from start to finish. Please note this event is a mix of speed dating events and mixers.

How do I sign up?

Tickets need to be purchased online for their respective cities – see below. Space is limited. For alternate payment methods, please contact us.

Get your tickets:


Speed Dating

(Ages 32-42)



Speed Dating

(Ages 34-44)



Speed Dating

(Ages 32-42)


More info:

What’s included?

To see what is included, see the event details of your city on the ticket booking page.

How long will the event last?

About 2.5 hours.

What are the age groups?

The age groups may vary from city to city. Please double check the age group and venue for your city
before registering.

2 thoughts on “NEW BEGINNINGS”

  1. Hi, I am 41 years old woman and would like to try speed dating in ottawa. The age group is 32 to 40 years old… can i still register or is there another group?


    1. Hi Annie-Claude! Thanks for your message. We are lenient up to a couple of years above or below the advertised age group. Don’t forget to fill out a profile 🙂

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