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Healthy Dating VS Unhealthy Dating

Healthy Dating VS Unhealthy Dating

We all know how it feels when we eat bad food – that greasy meal might look good at first and yes, it tastes even better. But the results show in many ways, both on the inside and out, and ultimately, continuous indulging takes a toll on our heart.

Alternatively, healthy eating keeps that bounce in our step, our skin glowing and overall feeling good. Actually, the world of dating isn’t much different.

Dating is a great way to socialize with the opposite sex, and something that singles should happily indulge in. The benefits are many; meeting new people, trying new activities and of course, the chance that you will connect with someone deeply enough that it turns into a relationship- all things that make for a happy heart.

On the flip side, there is a darker side to the dating scene; the temptations are bountiful and it can be easy to get caught up in patterns that do us no good.

You are dating healthy if:

  • You are having fun and enjoying yourself.
  • You experience boosts in your mood and confidence level.
  • You are out & about, meeting lot’s of new people.
  • You keep your intentions clear from the start to avoid messy situations.
  • You’re discovering yourself and learning about what you like and dislike in a potential partner.
  • You are carefully selecting the people you sleep with, and when doing so, it’s for the right reasons.
  • Other aspects of your life are in order (career, health, family & social life).

You are dating unhealthy if:

  • It feels like you are going after the same type of person again and again.
  • You are seeing only one person in hopes of it turning into a relationship, even though they have made it clear that’s not what they want.
  • You are sleeping with the majority of the people you meet.
  • You find yourself lying or leading people on.
  • You feel unhappy or down on yourself.
  • You’re spending beyond your means.
  • Other aspects of your life are in disarray.

If you find yourself mostly identifying with the statements listed under Unhealthy Dating – it’s time for a change. Do your absolute best to cut yourself loose from any or all those negative ties to the dating world and redirect that energy to something much more valuable: YOU.

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