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Questions & Answers

What types of events do you organize?

Front and centre are Speed Dating events. You will also see Date-Working, Brunch and Special Edition events thrown into the mix from time to time.

What age groups do you cater to?

Our demographic is for single professionals, ages 25 to 55, give or take a few years. Each event is for a specific age group, usually ranging between 8 to 15 years. For example, “Speed Dating for Ages 30-42”.

Where are the events held?

The venues at which our events take place are trendy, reputable, well-known restaurants and bars centrally located within each city. Each space is selected with care and the utmost in comfort, quality and ambiance and is conducive to the specific event theme and format.

Who runs the events?

All events are professionally hosted by an awesome and experienced Dashing Date host that will greet and guide you from the moment you arrive at an event.

What type of people will I meet?

We target single professionals who are attractive, well presented and normal! Normal is the new sexy.

Can I attend with a friend?

Of course! As long as you are both approved members.

What is Speed dating?

Speed Dating is a series of ‘express dates’ during which two singles get to meet, chat for a few minutes and see if there is enough of a spark to want to see each other again.

How does the event work?

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our event host. You may have some time to mingle with other guests until everyone has arrived, at which point our host will give a welcome speech explaining how the night will run. Speed Dating follows suit.

How long is each speed date?

It depends on the size of the group that evening, but generally anywhere from 5-7 minutes.

How many people attend an event?

Speed Dating events bring together 14-24 guests in total. You will meet 7-12 people of the opposite sex. Date-Working, brunch and special edition events can vary in numbers.

Will there be an even number of men and women at the event?

In most cases, yes. And it’s what we absolutely aim for but it’s not guaranteed. Last minute cancelations, for example, are beyond our control so it is possible that there are a couple of extra men or women at the event. When this happens, it simply means that the guests will have a little break during the course of the dates.

How strict are the age groups?

If you are up to two years above or below the advertised age range, you can still participate. We do recommend checking with us first.

How do you define when a ‘Match’ is made?

At the start of an event, each guest is provided with a personal “Dash Card” in which you record the names of each person you meet and indicate your level of interest. These cards are handed back to the event host at the end of the event. When two people mutually express interest in each other, it’s considered a ‘Match’ and contact information is exchanged the following day via email.

How long is an event?

About 2.5 hours

Is there a dress code?

Yes. We suggest Chic, Smart and Elegant, unless indicated otherwise. The point is you want to be comfortable, but look your best.

Is it free to become a member?

Becoming a member is absolutely free. Tickets must be purchased to attend events that are of interest to you.

What is the screening process?

Our screening takes place at the time you become a Dashing Date member. You are asked to answer some questions and upload a photo. Please click here to learn more about why screening is important.

Why do I have to upload a photo, who sees it?

Registering with your photo is an important part of our screening process and only the team at Dashing Date can see the photo. It ensures that the correct person is attending the event.

Is my photo and other information I register with Dashing Date secure?

Yes. Your information is kept for our team’s eyes only for in no way shape or form will any information or photos be used, shared, modified or redistributed. Your file will be kept safe and private for as long as you are a member with us.

How much are tickets?

Ticket prices vary, however a standard speed dating event can range in price from $39 to $60 plus tax, depending on the city and what’s included as part of the event.

How do I reserve my ticket to an event?

Tickets to an event can be found on our website on the event page specific to your city. It needs to be bought online, prior to the event, in order to confirm your spot.

Can I just show up and pay at the door?

Unfortunately, not. In order for us keep the ratio of men to women as even as possible, tickets be purchased in advance.

What methods of payment do you accept?

The simplest way to register & pay for an event is to purchase your ticket on our website by credit card. We can also schedule a call and take payment over the phone. Other methods include PayPal and Interac Email Money Transfer. Please email us if you wish to pay using one of these other methods.

Is anything included in the ticket price?

What’s included in your ticket will clearly be outlined in the event description.

I bought a ticket to an event. Do I need to bring or print anything as proof?

Once you are an approved Dashing Date member and you have purchased a ticket to an event, your name will be added to the guest list. You do not need to print anything or bring any proof.

When and how will I be notified of my Matches?

Matches are always sent via email within 24 hours following an event.

Will I get an email if I did not have any Matches?

Yes. An email is always sent following the day of the event, whether or not you left with any matches made.

I already handed in my Dash Card. Can I change my answers?

If you need to make a change on your Dash Card, try to let us know as soon as possible by sending us an email.

If I selected “Date” for someone, and they selected “Coffee” for me, is it still considered a match?

Yes. The only time it is not a Match is if someone selected “No”.

Can you tell me who selected me as a match, if I didn’t select them?

No. In respect for all guests, names are only revealed when a mutual match is made.


“I want to attend an event but I’m nervous, what should I do?”

For starters, know that it’s normal to feel a bit nervous, that’s part of the excitement in trying something new. Secondly, it might be helpful to remember that everyone you’re going to meet is also there for the same reason as you, so you are surely not alone. Once you walk in the door, everyone is on the same page; you are all taking a chance and mustering up the courage to step out of your comfort zone. That is a wonderful thing!

“Do people attend alone or should I bring a friend?”

Most people attend on their own, but it’s not uncommon to see friends attend together. Not having a friend to tag along is surely not a reason to miss out.

“I’m an introvert. Is speed dating right for me?”

Speed dating is not designed to be only for outgoing, extroverted people. It’s a dating event that all types of personalities should be comfortable embracing and our goal is to ensure you enjoy your evening with us and hopefully meet someone you connect with. It comes back to being yourself and making the most of the event for you.

I am interested in personal matchmaking services. Do you offer that?

Yes! Please click here to learn more about VIS-À-VIS, our matchmaking services. It runs in select cities.

Cancelation Policy

Once your ticket is purchased, there are no refunds. Credits to the next event will be honoured with 72-hour prior notice, which gives us enough time to find someone to take over the spot. Tickets are transferable to other approved members of Dashing Date of the same gender if they fall within the age group of the event in question. If you would like to transfer a ticket to someone of the opposite sex, you must check with us first. This policy is strict. For special edition events, the cancelation policy may be different.


If Dashing Date Events Inc needs to postpone or reschedule an event due to circumstances beyond their control, such as bad weather warnings, a new event date will be put in place. In the case that a client unable to attend on the new scheduled date, a full credit in the amount that was paid will be provided to a future Dashing Date event. In these circumstances, there are no refunds.

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